Keratine Thermique

Keratine Thermique

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How to use:

Apply to washed and towel-dried hair. Massage onto lengths and ends. Proceed to blow-dry. Leave-in. 


With Kératine Thermique, a product designed for instant perfection, the fibre takes on a newfound discipline during blow-drying: easy styling, soft to the touch and a glossy shine.

The final results: high frizz and humidity protection, in-depth care with smoothing action and a thermo-seal to protect against the damages of heat tools.


Blow-dry care for unruly hair in the form of smoothing taming milk. This must-have pre-styling milk consolidates the hair fibre to restore all of its smooth evenness, ensure protection from humidity by enveloping the fibre with a water-resistant shield all while ensuring high-heat protection up to 180º C/356º F*.